African Youth Architects will celebrate 2 years on March 23. We will mark this important milestone with a workshop in education.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King Jr.

At African Youth Architects, we always ask ourselves this question Martin Luther King Jr. threw at us long ago, and we try to give answers to this question by embarking on laudable projects in Africa. Recently, we see the need to challenge the government, non-governmental organizations and individuals to embark on project(s) that would improve the access to basic education for children around the world.

As our way of celebrating the 2 years anniversary of African Youth Architects, we are challenging all the change agents in the world to pay a child’s tuition, give a child necessary items, like school uniform, school sandal, book, bag or any other resources that would foster a child’s access to education within 59 days, starting from now.

In this challenge, change agents are expected to provide needful resources to the children in their immediate environment, and share the pictures and videos with us so that we can celebrate the great work of the person or organization.

We believe this challenge will enable everyone who is passionate about improving the access to quality education for children in the world to contribute their quota, get known and be celebrated. Most importantly, we believe that this initiative will bring smiles on the faces of thousands of children in the world.

Please use #GiveAChildEducation and #AfricanYouthArchitects when you share your the pictures and videos of your project (s) with us.

Let’s get this started, as we need to give urgent answers to the question of Martin Luther King Jr.


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