AYA Research Lab was founded from the recommendations raised during the Students Speak Out Summit, organized by African Youth Architects in 2020. As well as the nearly 3000 young participants from colleges, high schools, youth activist members, educators, parents, and the community representatives who have attended in the intensive five days of discussions about the global crises caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and its threats to achieving the United Nation SDG4-Education 2030 targets and commitments.



Africa’s education system has not always adjusted its methods. AYA Research Lab aims to fill this gap by combining knowledge management and researching skills focusing on the current challenges in Africa’s education systems and bringing new innovations and approaches to tackle those obstacles. Our goal is to make breakthroughs in everything from publications not only for AYA alumnus but also partners, scholars, academicians, practitioners, policymakers and researchers to present and exhibit their ideas, works (Articles, scientific papers, journals, etc.) and to use the learning outcomes for the development and improvement of the African education system and  to bring new ideas that focuses on the future developments.




AYA Research Lab provides professional training, coaching, mentoring and application of scientific approaches on educational development  that aims  to improve educational outcomes in the African continent.



  • Supporting scientific qualities on research development in Africa’s educational systems. 

  • Inspiring the contemporary approaches of the AU agenda 2063 and  targets, inspirations and commitments.

  • Bringing new learning alternatives to the current COVID-19 era on SDG4. 

  • Advocate, inspire and enhance creativity and innovation in Primary and Higher  Education in Africa.

  • Providing a platform where learners can present their findings, share ideas and exchange perspectives. 

  • To present and exhibit their ideas, works (Articles, scientific papers, journals, etc.) 

  • Deliver workshops, training, seminars, and other events that support  the utilization of relevant knowledge and its management.

We are charting a new course to enhance creativity and innovation in achieving the United Nation SDG4-Education 2030 targets and commitments. 


We analyze policies and identify evidenced-based solutions to tackle today’s most pressing educational challenges in Africa, through collaborations with students and teachers at leading institutions around Africa such as Fourah Bay College, University of The Gambia, The Gambia College, University of Management and Technology, Institute of Public Administration and Management,  Crown Technical University College and Milton Margai Technical University… More. details to be announced soon