African Youth Architects


Emamsy Mbossa Ngossoh

Chair of the Board

Emamsy Mbossa, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board, was born and raised in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. He graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in New York, USA. He is the recipient of the Dean Excellence Award from Columbia University. Emamsy survived the 1997 civil war in his home country Congo, he witnessed schools being closed, children being sent out from schools, access to education was a nightmare, this experience made him work hard to see the continent of Africa develop through peace and quality education. He is individually sponsoring the education of underprivileged students in some parts of Africa. He demonstrated both excellence in leadership characteristics and academic growth. He serves as a role model for many young Africans and has made an outstanding contribution to the development of Africa. Emamsy is a public and motivational speaker in the field of peace, youth empowerment, education development, and with an international experience of speaking in various conferences at the United Nations, in Egypt during the World Youth Forum, in Canada and the US universities.

Fatou Hydra

Executive Director

Fatou Hydra, born and raised in The Gambia, she is the Founder and Executive Director, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare and Social Psychology from Institut de Formation Professionnelle Privé in Rabat, Morocco. For over 5 years, Fatou has been a noteworthy leader in Education. Encyclopedia Britannica honored her on their list of 20 Under 40: Young Shapers of the Future (Education). She has extensive experience working with students from low income families and develops curricula and resources to support students and educators to tackle the learning crisis in Africa and was responsible for implementing the successful pilot test program in 2019. She is proficient with learning technology, including computer hardware and software, speaker on subjects ranging from innovation, leadership, access to high quality education, the role of nonprofits and social enterprise. She conducted research on sustainable development, education, and health care policy abroad in areas such as Spain, Finland, Dubai, Egypt, Russia, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and Senegal in various academic institutions. She has volunteered with Center Cultural African for some time helping more than 500 youth migrants in Morocco and intended crossing to Spain with capacity building training on self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

Binta Baldé

Secretary General

Neneh Binta Balde born in Guinea Conakry, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Law & Society from York University, Canada. She has worked abroad in different organizations such as UN World Food Program, Chinese Law Firm, Canada, and Guinea Conakry supporting disadvantaged African children through accessing educational spaces that many take for granted. She have a strong conviction that by providing quality education to a nation's youth and equipping them with the necessary tools to realize their full potential—has the power of transforming the way in which society operates—thus leading to economic, social and development growth. To invest in a child’s education is to invest in a nation’s overall future development and furnish its people with the right skill set, which permits them to become self-reliant individuals in their respective communities.

Yahya Sowe

Regional Director, West Africa

Yahya was born and raised in The Gambia. He holds a Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies from Islamic University of Mauritania and is currently pursuing another Bachelor degree at School of Arts and Sciences, University of The Gambia. For over 10 years, Yahya Sowe has been a noteworthy leader in Education, Environment, and Entrepreneurship. You may know him from his work as the Founder at Smiling Coast Food Processing Centre, Country Director at Youth Peace & Leadership Organization, Climate Action Group, Earth Day - Africa and Ambassador at Model OIC. Yahya is a YALI Alumni, who is serving communities to better their living conditions and guarantee a brighter future for generations unborn.

Aisha Fatty

Chief Financial Officer

Aisha Fatty was born and raised in The Gambia, She is a Bachelor's degree holder in development studies; Graduated from university of The Gambia. Aisha did her internship of over two years at department of community development under ministry of local government and lands, The Gambia. She has more than six years of working experience in Banking and Finance in her father’s company. She is highly brilliant and a credible voice in decision making. Aisha is a writer, a host, and a public speaker, she is a female youth ambassador who is passionate about women education and empowerment.

Dadouo Henri Joel Zama

Member, Advisory Board

Zama is a Nursing Graduate, born and raised in Ivory Coast. He served as the health care director, for migrants in vulnerably/vulnerable and distress situations at IOM Rabat, Morocco. He is currently the director for AYA Media Group for Education and Entertainment.

Talibeh Hydara

Member, Advisory Board

Talibeh Gibran Hydara was born and raised in The Gambia. He earned an Advanced Diploma in Journalism from The Gambia Press Union School of Journalism where he finished as the best student in all his courses. Since then, he has worked for various media houses in The Gambia, notably the state broadcaster, The Gambia Radio and Television Service (GRTS). He also worked as an editor of a leading national newspaper in The Gambia; Standard Newspaper. This made him to become the country’s youngest newspaper editor. He is presently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Gambia. He is a renowned young Gambian journalist, a veteran writer, and a columnist.

Abdullahi Amir

President of AYA Research Lab

Abdullahi is a hardworking and experienced executive with years of professional experience in leadership, practical fieldwork, operation, management and scientific research in aspects of climate change, environmental management and nature conservation to build sustainable habitat and resilient community. He is an effective communicator, motivator who excels,identifies and leverages the strengths of every team member, and empowering them to achieve organizational goals. Abdullahi is an inspired Pan Africanist who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Pamukkale University; he demonstrated a history of being a relentless optimist who sees failure as valuable experience. He believes if we all engage to ensure that today’s growth initiatives represent the spirit and audacity of the people, only such a prerogative will determine the prospects for sustainable development and global peace.

Kaddy Momoh

Director of Education Research and Evaluation

Kaddy Momoh born and raised in The Gambia, she received her Associate Degree in Business Administration from Borough Manhattan Community College, New York City, USA. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Finance and minor in Early Childhood Education at Baruch College Zicklin School of Business, New York City, USA. Kaddy is an advocate for student’s rights, she was the former president of the African Student Association to represent Africans and make sure that the needs of African international students are attended to. She served as a mentor for the UMLA club and a mentor in the IMPACT club for a semester and Secretary for the Student Government Association, an alternate in the University Student Senate (USS).

Musukebba Kinteh

Head of Programs

Musukebba Kinteh was born in The Gambia, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relation from European University Business School (EU) in Munich Germany. Academic Accomplishment Deutsch KurseBie der University Munich. She holds a Diploma in law from West African Insurance Institute, The Gambia and worked as a logistic manager in Urembo Company Munich GM, and a former Secretary for African Information Tech. Ltd, The Gambia