AYA Research Lab

African Youth Architects

This course is designed based on a STUDENT SPEAK OUT SUMMIT– that was organized by African Youth Architects from September 21-25, 2020.19 speakers from 14 countries, as well as the nearly 3000 young people in college, high school, youth activists, educators, parents, and the community who participated in the intensive five days of discussions into global crises caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 and its threat to achieving the United Nation SDG4-Education 2030 targets and commitments.

  • The program aims to provide African students with unique opportunity to explore case studies of leading innovations in United Nation SDG4-Education 2030 targets and commitments  
  • Working with education ministries to ensure alignment with their education policies to collectively achieve learning gains
  •  Provide students with details of the various important contextual factors which influence innovation processes in Education in developing countries
  •  Introduce ideas, strategies, and tools for overcoming resistance to innovative change, and critique the most effective strategies to effectively implement creative innovation in the United Nation SDG4

This program consists of the following modules. Participants are required to complete to achieve the full award. 

  • Contemporary Approaches to SDG4-Education 2030 targets and commitments          
  • Alternative Approaches to Supporting SDG4 due to COVID-19
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation in SDG4-Education 

Participants will be encouraged to contribute to learning, complete interactive individual and group exercises, including one field trip, providing case studies and perspectives from their countries. This will create a strong global and active learning experience and a global network of contacts for participants.

Modality:  E-learning on Zoom + Fieldwork Research activities

  • Methodology of research 
  • Communication,
  1.  basic negotiation skills, 
  2.  writing skills
  3.  teamwork
  •  Critical thinking and emotional intelligence
  •  Risk assessment skills,
  • – planning, 
  • – scenario building, 
  • – design thinking, 
  • – systematic thinking,

 Time management, and Field work 

The Professional Certificate Program from African Youth Architects Research Lab enabling you to:

    • Learn in-person from renowned educator and leading educational practitioners
    • Network with an accomplished group of peers from around the globe
    • Receive a complimentary one-year subscription to AYA education Review upon completion of the program
    • Updates on education research, new programs, and AYA initiatives via our newsletter
    • Your studies will also provide you with the opportunity to critically reflect on your current position and prepare you for a changing Africa’s education context. There will be opportunities to creatively plan and develop global networks to support you with your continued career development beyond this program. 
    • . Be an African who hold a bachelor’s degree (at a minimum), current undergraduate student or an associate degree, or as equivalent
    • . College student who want to learn from AYA Research Lab and organization experts
    • . A teaching position in a higher education institution

    All applicants must have reached a minimum required standard of English language or French and are required to provide evidence of this.

Scholarship worth 500 USD including all teaching materials, e-books and assessments.

To receive AYA Financial Aid or a Scholarship, you’ll need to provide copies of the following supporting documentation:

  • . School or college transcripts/certificates
  • . University transcripts
  • . Degree certificates
  • . Personal statement
  • . One reference (on letter headed paper, signed and dated)

 Applicants will be required to respond to a Category Tool survey during their induction to the program to confirm their eligibility for the program.