Why Fund A Child’s Education? In Africa many underprivileged children are dropping out of school due to the cost associated in paying for their education and buying learning materials. Low standard of education has contributed; to the inability to read and write. Low literacy rate has made many parents unemployed which in turn leads to their children not having the best living conditions and education required to earn a better living. 


This project will help develop and continuously improve the learning process for children in Africa.  We will provide needful resources such as; books, school uniforms, school sandals, pencils, Computers and health care.

Long-Term Impact

This project will help to improve access to quality education for children from low income families. In ten (10) years, ten thousand (10,000) children from ten (10) African countries will benefit from the project. In the future there is no question of unemployment, low standard of education. Underprivileged children can study without any financial struggles.